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@2@@20@A concise and illuminating tour of the human body - learn about how our bodies work and why they work the way they do, in minutes. @21@@3@@2@From the basic unit of the cell, through the tissues and organs that make up the body's systems, to how these systems work together to form a complete human being, this book takes you on a journey through our anatomy and its intricate workings - and looks beyond to explore human evolution, inheritence and genetics, human behaviour, disease, death and medicine and how technology will transform the body of the future.@3@@2@With 200 cutting-edge anatomical images, cross-sections and close-ups that detail and explain the brain, eye, heart, skin, skeleton, lung, kidney, ear, blood, liver, stomach, muscles, veins, arteries, DNA, chromosomes and all of the key features of our bodies, this is the perfect, easy reference to the anatomy, physiology and science of the human body.@3@

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    Tom Jackson

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    Quercus Publishing

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    416 Pages

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Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson est un écrivain
scientifique reconnu, basé à Bristol,
au Royaume-Uni. Il a écrit plus de
100 livres sur toutes sortes de sujets,
des axolotls aux zoroastriens. Un
point commun entre ces ouvrages
: tous touchent aux sciences. Il
est l'auteur, entre autres, de la
collection « Le livre extraordinaire »
aux éditions Little Urban.